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05 Jun 2006, 19:08
looking for suggestions...picked up a 3rd server, and need some ideas for implementing...

current setup (NOTE: optimization pending from eva2000, but this is the present config):

Web server:
Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz (single processor)
2 gig RAM
40g IDE
36G SCSI w/MySQL 4.0.25 (for phpAdsNew/Coppermine/SMF)
Red Hat 9

MySQL server: (only for vBulletin)
Pentium III Xeon, 900MHz (quad processor)
6 gig RAM
MySQL 4.1.18-standard
four 18g 10k SCSI drives (RAID-5)
Fedora Core 4

apache/IIS version: apache v2.0.40
PHP version: php 4.4.2
MySQL version: mysql 4.1.18-standard (4.0.25 on the web server)
APC Cache 3.0.8

the "new" server is a quad processor 700 mhz P3 Xeon with four 18g SCSI's, Raid, and 2gig memory....

options include mirroring 4-5 tables from the existing MySQL data and pushing all the search loads from the main MySQL server...

another is to set it up as an image server

yet another is to run phpAdsNew and the other MySQL stuff, removing that load from the standalone SCSI drive on the web server...


06 Jun 2006, 02:22
Depends - if search is a big issue for you, I would use it as a search slave, though you may need more RAM. Otherwise, an image/attachment server is also useful.

06 Jun 2006, 05:22
I'm sure you can set it up as an image + search server. You can probably try putting all 3 of your setups on to that server. Image server barely uses any resources if you run thttpd or lighttpd.