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The Chief
07 Jun 2006, 00:47
These are the official guidelines for the BotM contest held here at vb.org.

Nomination guidelines

* Nominations can be made by the site owner or anyone else.
* All Nominations must be seconded by someone else.
* Nominations will be voided if it is not seconded.
* Each seconded nomination will be given a number.
* The 5 boards that has the most nominations (seconded) will be placed in the poll in alphabetical order.
* If won, canidate is not eligible to enter again for 6 months.
* When nominating please post the url to the board and why.
* If the nominated forum is not available at the time of creation of the poll another number will be selected to take it's place.

Voting guidelines

* The top 5 nominations (numbers) will be selected to be voted on.
* Voting is up to the voters, no one can force you to vote.
* A board will be removed from the contest if site contains Sexually Explicit Adult Content

Voting/Nomination Dates

* Nominations will begin on the 3rd of every month, and accepted for the 8 following days till the 11th.
* Actual Voting will take place during the 12th till the end of the month. This will leave you around 18 days for you to vote for your favorite board.

We are free to modify these rules or add new guidelines as we progress through this year.

The Chief
07 Jun 2006, 21:10
{ Rules modified to add the Top 5 Nominees }