View Full Version : Test huh?

07 Jun 2006, 20:00
Nice test Brad....;)

Anyway I think there shouldn't be a 3.6.x section as it is almost same as 3.5.They should be merged.

07 Jun 2006, 21:24
There is a 3.6 section because it includes new things and no one is for sure if all modifications will work with it. Lets also not forget about styles and template additions that deal with more changes than the code.


Edit: just noticed your signature. My buddy built a wigwam awhile back and we party in it all the time. Last time I checked none of us were apache. ;)

07 Jun 2006, 21:25
I totally agree brad........Hopefully the upgrade will have no affect, but you know there will be some flaws.

08 Jun 2006, 02:45
The 3.6 section is missing some forums isn't it? Where are the Extensions, and Code Modifications forums at?

NVM, just read the announcement lol.