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Atakan KOC
08 Jun 2006, 01:25
most popular admin index

(Mini Hack)

Go to your admin cp, then:
Plugin System -> Manage Products -> [Add/Import Product] -> Select 'product-mostpop.xml' from your computer then press 'Import'

v.1.0.0 internal version
v.1.0.1 Vb.3.6.0 B1

Support Given For Who Clicked Install {ONLY}

Atakan KOC
08 Jun 2006, 01:25

08 Jun 2006, 03:10
thanks a lot ! really helpfull

08 Jun 2006, 03:11
Really helpful one there.

Great one! Thanks!

08 Oct 2006, 22:29
Any issues with 3.6.2?

Red Matrix
16 Oct 2006, 12:20
What does this do? You never write a description of the product. That's a poor way of releasing.

Red Matrix
19 Oct 2006, 22:15
Well, since you asked why, I think I shall answer you.

First of all, I don't deny his hack/modding skills. He just needs to have a great presentation of his products. It makes good business sense. Just look at all of the hacks and mods that the staff have released. They use Descriptions, and they save time. They save the member's time, for if they don't understand, they would have to post a question. They save the coder time, for they don't have to answer this question.

And saying just "Import his XML file and you will see what his hacks does" makes NO sense. That's very dangerous, even if you install on a test board.

If you don't understand what I am trying to say, then you may never understand. :-/

19 Oct 2006, 22:51
Installed nice lil hack! thxs

Paul M
19 Oct 2006, 23:40
A poor way? Why? It's common sense to give people a clue as to what something does, without them having to guess, or start viewing screenshots. It also helps people using the search facility, they aren't going to find your work if it never turns up in searches. :cool:

The title is self explained. -MikeActually, I read this tonight because I thought this was something to do with the most popular administrators on a forum. :surprised:

20 Oct 2006, 17:35
After installing this, I updated everything but don't see what I have to do after uploading it, to get it to work? Sorry not savvy at all with this. Do I have to give t a dependcy type? If so which one?

Can someone help please :paranoid: