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08 Jun 2006, 06:52
The original version can be found here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=98853).

Updated to include 3.6.0 search features.

To install import the product xml and perform the template edit found in the install file.

Note, the template edit is placed in the footer, but it can be placed anywhere as you find appropraite for your site, including in the navbar.

The default template included is a default navbar links set, which can be edited to your requirements.

If you use this, please click install.

08 Jun 2006, 14:03
I've been gone for a while..

Nice touch peterska2 .. I attempted this long time ago and it didn't go well :)


10 Jun 2006, 13:33
nice installed thanks

sam anders
07 Jul 2006, 10:01
installed and working a dream thank you :)

09 Jul 2006, 17:43
In 3.5.4 I had added a 2nd Navbar line for text links. But I never liked them at the top. Just put this one in place and it is perfect. Thank You!

14 Jul 2006, 20:40
Will this copy the existing one or do I have to make modifications to the links in this one as well as the top one? Couldnt it just mimic the top? So we dont have to edit two locations?

14 Jul 2006, 22:43
This one is a unique template and as such is controlled and edited seperately. It is done this way on purpose as you may not want to have the same links at the bottom as at the top.

For example, you might move the members list, calendar, and other less frequently used links to the bottom one and leave the more frequently used links at the top without the additional clutter of the infrequently used ones.

06 Aug 2006, 19:10
Great, thank you.

25 Oct 2006, 08:51
hoping this works in 3.6.0 gold

25 Oct 2006, 11:05
there isn't any reason why it won't work in any of the 3.6.x versions unless something changes down the line.

16 Jan 2007, 00:01
How to make the navbar appear in Vbadvance Portal system?

17 Jan 2007, 06:08
Excellent Mod, thank you.

vB 3.6.4


16 Jun 2007, 23:32
Not working in 3.6.7

The code does not appear to be the same in the footer template.
I run PHP Portal and I do see the code the instructions say to add the code to but it does not show up.

Work like a charm on another site I run on VB 3.6.4 with VB Advanced installed.

Cool easy hack.....Just want it to work on my newest version forum.

29 Jun 2007, 22:54
Anyway of getting this to work in 3.6.7?

07 Jul 2007, 10:12
any update?

02 Sep 2007, 20:22
I'd like to know if theres a way to reverse the direction the menus appear. For instance, the Search and Quick Links menus still go down, which forces the user to scroll down to use them. Is there a way to make the menu pop UP instead of down?

02 Sep 2007, 20:55
Will this work for version 3.6.8?

02 Sep 2007, 23:26
I'm running 3.6.8 and it's working just fine.

03 Sep 2007, 01:31

15 Sep 2007, 12:27
One thing this doesn't do is allow is template hooks to work.....I think there needs to be a fix for this else the bottom navbar does not match the top.

Simply adding the hooks does not work, they are not recognised.

27 Mar 2008, 15:43
Where do you import the xml file too? :confused:

02 Feb 2010, 16:14
Love this mod, however, what code do you use to keep it within the style boundaries (content), as it looks extremely weird that it stretches outside the content boundary?

30 Nov 2010, 19:32
Just installed on ver 3.7.5, and working great.

However, I wanted it to display on each and every page, so changed where the $navbar_bottom was placed.

If placed in the template ad_footer_start , it will show on every page at the bottom. I had no problem with it stretching the border.

See http://vulcanriders.us/forum