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08 Jun 2006, 12:08

I just couldn't wait :D
I just finished porting my first style over to 3.6 :)

It's a port of my 3.5.x style to be found >here< (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=101992).
All critical templates have indeed been reverted to default and re-customized based on the 3.5 version, so full 3.6 compatibility should be given.


08 Jun 2006, 12:39
Speedy :D

There are many changes has to make between style vB 3.5.4 and 3.6 ?

08 Jun 2006, 21:09
nice syle

Smiry Kin's
09 Jun 2006, 06:00
wohoo first one dude, n1

09 Jun 2006, 06:25

thanks Hellcat

15 Jul 2006, 19:27
Absolutly love the look and feel! Just wishing you left out the "Skill Club" wording and the image on the left so we could have changed things a bit easier.

None the less, excellent work!

20 Jul 2006, 06:46
:) grate to see that hellcat relasing a skin now.

02 Aug 2006, 13:23
Hi ,
nice looking style.
But more than 180 kb on startingpage ??? backgrounds an inputgraphics more than 100 kb ? hehe. a 5x5 pixel background does the same job. and gfx for that runs faster in jpg.

04 Aug 2006, 00:07
will this work on gold?

04 Aug 2006, 03:00
This looks great! Nice style!

04 Aug 2006, 05:01
I like this skin, with some lil bit of editing it could look perfect for my site, only problem is i got the vbulletin 3.6 installed and get a template problem already. Mind you i have not done one thing to the templates at all.


04 Aug 2006, 16:50
The inline panel for renaming the thread doesn't show in this skin.. If you look under CLose thread you will see what I mean.

04 Aug 2006, 19:27
cant wait for this to come out for 3.6.0 final.

17 Aug 2006, 22:53
is this ready for 3.6 yet?

18 Aug 2006, 18:06
thanks, do you as well have a site to live test this style ?

17 Sep 2006, 20:30
Installed it and it work great on 3.6 although I disable it from the public reason being is that Id like to ask you if their is a way to incorporate a zoints button and Arcade on the top navigation setup.... Thanks

28 Sep 2006, 13:58
for the banner at the top, i agree a .psd would've been helpful, but it didnt make it impossible. using a separate gfx for the name made it easy enough to replace, and adding a copy of the main header bg w/o the flaming anchor makes good for customizing that to fit my forum. (Link (http://forums.rkccs.com/index.php?styleid=4)) All in all a good skin =)

The inline panel for renaming the thread doesn't show in this skin.. If you look under CLose thread you will see what I mean.here's how i fixed the threadtools problem. this will be slightly cryptic as i have a slightly customized Threadtools, so if someone wants to post a better walkthrough =).
look in the SHOWTHREAD template, for
<if condition="$show['openclose']"><div><label for="ao_oct"><input type="radio" name="do" id="ao_oct" value="openclosethread" checked="checked" /><if condition="$show['closethread']">$vbphrase[close_thread]<else />$vbphrase[open_thread]</if></label></div></if>
<if condition="$show['movethread']"><div><label for="ao_mvt"><input type="radio" name="do" id="ao_mvt" value="movethread" />$vbphrase[move_copy_thread]</label></div></if>
<if condition="$show['editthread']"><div><label for="ao_edt"><input type="radio" name="do" id="ao_edt" value="editthread" />$vbphrase[edit_thread]</label></div></if>
<if condition="$show['deletethread']"><div><label for="ao_dlt"><input type="radio" name="do" id="ao_dlt" value="deletethread" />$vbphrase[delete_thread]</label></div></if>
<if condition="$show['managethread']">
<div><label for="ao_sut"><input type="radio" name="do" id="ao_sut" value="stick" /><if condition="$show['unstick']">$vbphrase[unstick_thread]<else />$vbphrase[stick_thread]</if></label></div>
<div><label for="ao_mgt"><input type="radio" name="do" id="ao_mgt" value="mergethread" />$vbphrase[merge_threads]</label></div>
<!--<div><label for="ao_spt"><input type="radio" name="do" id="ao_spt" value="splitthread" />$vbphrase[split_thread]</label></div>-->
<div><label for="ao_rrd"><input type="radio" name="do" id="ao_rrd" value="removeredirect" />$vbphrase[remove_redirects]</label></div>
</if>this is the default text for the threadtools. find the similar text in the default vB skin, copy that, and paste over the code above. i'd show it, but as i said mine is modified.

28 Sep 2006, 18:31
red next....please!!!!!!!!!

13 Jan 2007, 14:23

08 Dec 2009, 11:01
Would be nice to get an update of this style for 3.8 or vb4

21 Mar 2010, 12:23