View Full Version : building my first site

08 Jun 2006, 20:28
vb is great. i have built my new site in last few weeks that im proud of.
i came over from groupie eve. there software is very limited. its kinda like having a myspace. plug in your pics, set some colors and your done. however your limited to only that.

my expience w/ no coding skills the intergration was tough for me. i wish vb features were all built in. portal and gallaries. i fought hours and hours w/ databases and prefixes. very frustrating and very tired of staring at msql errors.

vbadavanced. very limited support but its free and i cant complain. they provide a great service w/ nothing in return. however i would rather pay and get the help i need.

photopost pro, maybee i take things out of contex but they seem a little rude and forget we are all not programmers. they get frustrated fast w/ newbies. very short in explanations. like we know what they are saying

vb.com they are a little wound up to tight. if its not theirs they dont care or know nothing. im sure they have there reasons.

vb.org amazing, great people on here. they understand we are trying, we want to learn and they dont care if its a vbadvanced help, photopost ect. everything i need is right here. w/o your help nothing on my site would work and i would be using a stock version of vb354. thanks for the help

08 Jun 2006, 20:54
You gotta watch out for them .com guys ;)

Glad you got everything up and runnning