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09 Jun 2006, 19:08
Problem with the simple problems is that it's easy to be at a loss for the right keywords to search for.

So we with experience can or might see the question as obvious. If this place is too succeed as a community effort, we have to realize that and link you to the obvious or explain it again.

We all just have to get in that frame of mind again.

However I will add this, if your thread title sucks, most of us won't look. Finding the questions is the hardest part becuse the thread titles can be useless. You must try to get your question accross or th exact topic of it in the title.

It's like flies to honey if you will. We can't resist showing off our skills, but finding the platform to do it can be difficult even with the best intentions.

I think noppid, was getting a good point here.
Since the other thread was closed, i will try again.
I think that getting a personal mentor, is not a good answere.
Its a very good idea, but i think the "mentor" would be chrased out after a littel while.;) At least, mine would.
If this area ;Programming Discussions
could be more attractive fore you coders to helping others with questions, that would do a lot of help.
And the thing to remember is that no questions are to lame to ask.
Because that have been my worst fear to aks.

09 Jun 2006, 19:09
Nope. Please do not open new threads when others are closed. The other thread is open again after cleaning. Please use that one. :)