View Full Version : Dear Amy, Are You Kidding Us?

09 Jun 2006, 19:15
You call that management?

You just closed one of the most sucessful discussions in weeks for a few personal comments that created the comrodery necessary to get folks aquainted and working together.

That was the most rediculous flexing of mod muscles I've ever seen.

It's obvious we license holders only matter when we do what you want. Then you people have the nerve to call this a community?

No wonder the staff is fleeing. I bet this in only one example of the attitude that drove them away. I just don't buy that all these folks suddenly left for personal reasons.

I'm going home. See ya'll. I tried to set an example of what we need by not only talking about it, but leading by example. A new release, supporping code questions, helping in PMs, which I hate, and what not. But it's obvious that that is not what is wanted here by the staff descpite the so called community wanting it.

Thanks for the support from those of you that "get it".

09 Jun 2006, 19:16
link to thread please?

09 Jun 2006, 19:17
Noppid, I did not close it. I closed it for a few minutes to split it off and allow you to continue talking.

Please do not start threads about closed threads. Any complaints you have should be filed through the report post method or PM. :)