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10 Jun 2006, 10:19
I liked the version of vbulletin 3.0x where you were able to see the specific subforums, like Forum Home Enhancements, Administrative and Maintenance Tools etc. Now when you go into the vb 3.6 Addons you see them all and only when you go into an addon thread you see above the navbar what it is

vBulletin.org Forum > vB3.6 Modifications > vB3.6 Add-ons > Administrative and Maintenance Tools

Just wondering if you could give us the index back since not even the Forumjump menu provides that anymore :(

Marco van Herwaarden
10 Jun 2006, 10:27
AFAIK, at least for now, there are no sub-category forums for 3.6, and no plans to create category subforums.

Even in 3.5 we didn't have different categories like that, and i don't think we have received any comments on that.

In the near future we hope to have a system ready where modifications can be categorized without the use of subforums.

Hope that answers your question.

10 Jun 2006, 10:31
How does it come that I see the categories above the navbar though if they are not existing ?
And yes, noticed at 3.5 too and did not like there either ..

/me is confused

Marco van Herwaarden
10 Jun 2006, 11:27
vB 3.6 only has the sub-categories: Addons (for all "hacks"), Templates (for template only mod's) and Styles.

In vB 3.5 the "Addons" category was further specified with: Plugins, Exntensions and Code Modifications.

There are no more functional sub-categories already since vB3.5, since they tended to be confusing (where to post/find) and we have planned to provide other means to categorize modification in the near future.

10 Jun 2006, 15:56
What you see in the navbar is the thread prefix. At some point the index you speak of may return (based on indexes). I'm not sure exactly how things are going to work at this point as the coding team is still nailing out the details of the hack database. :)

For now you'll find a drop-down in the thread sorting options, you can use that to load the threads based on their prefix.