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11 Jun 2006, 15:03
Lost my BB,

Install seemed to go fine. My problem was in editing the index.php....

shut my bb down,

when i looked for this:
while ($loggedin = $db->fetch_array($forumusers))
$userid = $loggedin['userid'];
if (!$userid)
{ // Guest
else if (empty($userinfos["$userid"]) OR ($userinfos["$userid"]['lastactivity'] < $loggedin['lastactivity']))
$userinfos["$userid"] = $loggedin;

if(preg_match("/chat.php/",$loggedin['location']) && $loggedin['userid']){
$vbchat_users[$loggedin['userid']] = $loggedin;

the bold part was missing...

I edited by adding this part in, I also edited without it, neither worked, and when i went back to what I thought was original form, my bb was shut down.

kept getting extra$ error but there would be no error there.

anythoughts would be appreciated. No fun having the bb shut down, hopefully everything is saved yesterday.

thanks for any ideas.

I re uploaded my index file, now all is well.

just no chat.

If anyone with a coding brain has encountered my issue and fixed it , please let me know.

04 Jul 2006, 06:11
Fix link

Err your getting

Err fix also found in this forum.