View Full Version : Move the "posted by" section in news

12 Jun 2006, 04:37
Hi all,

I'm wanting to use vBadvanced for my front page, but I want to take away from some of the "chunkiness". For the news posts section, there are currently two table rows, 1 to display the thread name / link, the other to display "posted by" information. How would I go about putting both on the same line?

I'd like to have the thread name / link on the left hand side of the block, the posted by information on the right.

Here is what it currently looks like : http://www.wowmb.net/cmps_index.php
Here is what I am trying to emulate : http://www.wowmb.net/

See how on the second one, it's all on one line? I'm assuming it has to do with:
$news[dateposted] - <phrase 1="$vboptions[bburl]/member.php?$session[sessionurl]u=$news[postuserid]" 2="$news[postusername]">$vbphrase[by_x]</phrase>

But I've moved it all around and can't get it to change. :confused:

13 Jun 2006, 04:41
Anyone? I'd really like to figure out how to change it so I can set the page live :(