View Full Version : Definition of a "big board"?

16 Jun 2006, 17:14
I'm on the staff at a couple of different forums (check the first 2 links in my sig), and I was wondering if either one constitutes a "big board"?

the Sandman
16 Jun 2006, 17:21
The definition used by Quentin, who runs www.big-boards.com, is 500,000+ posts.

17 Jun 2006, 07:49
TheAdminZone.com uses the same definition as big-boards and host the forums for that site.

BigBoardAdmins.com has the definition of 100,000+ posts.

vB.org - no idea what the definition this site uses, but I suppose it's something similar. :)

17 Jun 2006, 20:57
I think vBulletin.com defines it as 1,000,000+ posts.

18 Jun 2006, 06:05
There should be an official definition for use on these forums here. :)

20 Jun 2006, 13:18
I think that 1.000.000+ posts is a really good definition

20 Jun 2006, 20:32
all in favor? ;)

the Sandman
20 Jun 2006, 20:44
There are currently 1001 "Big Boards" running vB (http://rankings.big-boards.com/?filter=vBulletin,all) on www.big-boards.com, which is the original Big Boards resource AFAIK. In my opinion, we should use their definition, 500,000+ posts. Why re-invent the wheel? :)

20 Jun 2006, 23:53
Well, despite the fact that I pushed for this forum to be set up at vB.org, it's obviously not working at the moment as intended as there are a lack of rules around what should and should not be posted here. I guess I'll post a lot more at the Big-boards forum at TAZ, BBA and other places until that is sorted out.

24 Jun 2006, 00:15
I think it should be private for big board admins with 500,000 or more posts (because those boards are the ones who will need more specialist help with issues regarding large boards, and they'd much rather talk about such issues amongst themselves).

Look how much of a success the private sections are at Taz and BBA and they have no where near the userbase vBorg has...

21 Jul 2006, 06:10
I tend to agree... and would like a place where we can truely discuss the finer things about running a big board, and how to monetize it.

I currently run 6 communities, the largest one at 1.8 Million posts (~750 Currently Active Users). I think that's pretty good, but I'd love to hear what other big boarders have done to make their site 1.) Run faster 2.) Increase Uptime 3.) Make more money.

21 Sep 2006, 20:40
I run a million post community (500k uniques per month visiting). I still feel small. Big to me will be a million plus visitors per day.