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17 Jun 2006, 01:15
Style "neon-green"

(whit PSD + Font)

Buttons in german + english. (english installed)

If you want the buttons in german, upload the germans buttons into the folder: forum/images/styles/neon-green/buttons and overwrite the existing files.


- Extract ZIP folder.
- Upload folder "neon-green" into your forum images/styles directory. The path looks then as follows:.../forum/images/styles/neon-green.
- Log into your admin control panel.
- Choose Styles -> Download/Upload Styles. Under Import Style XML File, click on "Browse..."
- Find the xml folder (from the file you downloaded). Select the file that ends with .xml (there should be only one file).
- Click Import

LIVE-DEMO (http://www.edel-zicken.de/forum.php?styleid=57)

I hope that works for you and if you use it, please click install.:)

Have fun with this Style.

17 Jun 2006, 01:43
Looks good! A little too dark for my liking, but great for someone that likes that.

17 Jun 2006, 13:24
I'm not sure if green will fit on a dark skin but well done!