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17 Jun 2006, 04:16
Hello Everyone,

We have opened up vRewrite.com (http://www.vrewrite.com). I know, I know. Why, yet another one? It's confusing enough as-is! The vRewrite thread is over 100 pages long, it's a mess. We realize that. But when members post same questions over and over, it's very frustrating. Let me reiterate that: it's very frustrating. So if I have ever snapped at you, that's why. We contacted vB.org staff to create the vRewrite forum to try and rectify this issue. It failed. At least in my eye's. It did not solve the issues that we still face. We needed multiple forums, and not just one. Sub-forums would just create even more of a mess.

Thanks to jlaine, who very kindly donated a vB license to use, we have opened up vRewrite.com. We hope over time you will begin to use this, but we understand why you may not. Getting this forum alone has created confusion, and now we have added this into the mix. We will still provide support via the forum, but the people on vRewrite.com will get priority support as they are very kind to us developers and wish to help ease the mess on us. But let me reiterate that once more, we will still provide support via the forum. Thread as it is now, is still not a support place. Just general discussions etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of us.

vRewrite Team

20 Sep 2006, 13:44
Why dont you fully develop this, set a price tag for 99 usd per license, allow adult forums to use it, and start milking the cashcow ?

20 Sep 2006, 15:54
If you start selling vbrewrite and achive almost 80% of what vbseo does, I am willing to pay you the same ammount as vbseo is asking for their product.

Of course, I would only pay if vbrewrite offered a brand free license. Thats what it is stopping me from buying vbseo for all my boards.

24 Sep 2006, 05:22
when will it support 3.6.1 and when will it be bug freee ?

10 Oct 2006, 02:37
Multi page page 2 onwards links back to page 1 with new .htaccess.

11 Oct 2006, 12:29
please help me
i have instaleed this on bulletin 3.6.0 but there is a error.
the New Posts (search-getnew-.html) doesnt work properly.
(i have htaccess generator)
please help me
thank u

12 Oct 2006, 23:00
i just went to the site. there's nothing there really.