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18 Jun 2006, 09:09
Hello :)

Faddah is an Arabic word which means "Silver" and I used this word as a ttitle for this skin because I used silver color as the main color in the design.

The skin is a fixed skin with Google Adsense added to both header and footer along with a scrolling text marquee and the login area added to the header.

I hope you like it ;)

Skin Colors:

Silver, Dark Blue, Dark Purple and light blue

Skin Design:

- Header design

- Footer Design

- Buttons Design

- Status Icons Design

- Gradients Design

Code Changes:

- Adsense added to both header and footer

- Login and PM area added to the header and removed from the navbar template.

- A marquee has been added to the header

- Extra buttons for arcades, gallery and store have been added to the header.

Zip File Content:

-FH_Faddah folder : Style images folder (upload)

-FH_Faddah.xml file : import this through your admincp

-PSD files folder : Layer psd files for the style (not to be uploaded)

-logo Folder : contains empty logo pic to place your logo on. After placing your logo on this pic, upload it to forums/images/FH_Faddah
(note: don't change the pic name or it will not show)

-empty-buttons Folder : contains an empty version of the buttons used in the design so you can add what ever you want to them.



https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/ (http://www.designersforums.net/faddah.gif)


For a demo click here (http://www.designersforums.net/forums/?styleid=33)

Version 2 Released:
Fixes a small problem in the width of the "Last Post" cell.

This skin has been tested on both FireFox and Internet Explorer with the latest releases. Please don't hesitate to report any bugs or to mention your openion.

Thank you :)

18 Jun 2006, 12:04
good job! nice skin WOW :)

18 Jun 2006, 12:18
Many thanks g4c0n and glad that you like it :)

18 Jun 2006, 12:18
as always another quality skin from you egtrix,well done love it thanx

18 Jun 2006, 12:19
Really glad that you like it Rickie3 and many thanks for the nice comment ;)

18 Jun 2006, 12:26
very nice .
thanks man :banana:

18 Jun 2006, 12:33
GTTG very glad that you like it and many thanks ;)

18 Jun 2006, 14:44
Excellent skin!

18 Jun 2006, 15:04
Yeah, very, very nice. :banana:

God job, egtrix!

18 Jun 2006, 21:33
Many thanks Dark Cloud and bubble-gum, very glad that you like it. This skin took much effort from me but your replies make it worth this effort :)

19 Jun 2006, 00:26
Seriously that is nothing short of stunning, nice job mate.

19 Jun 2006, 00:30
Oh my gosh...I absolutely love it! I have only one skin on my site, but would definitely consider this one for the future :D Thanks for your hard work on it.

19 Jun 2006, 02:01
PtP , your words are pushing the energy back to my veins to make a new one, lol. Many thanks :)
FLMom, many thanks for your very nice words and I hope to see it on your forum soon ;)

20 Jun 2006, 03:23
Oh my goodness ~ now that is a verrrrrrrrrrrrry nice style!! I would love to use that!!

You're incredibly talented! :D Thanks for sharing this ~ I shall try and upload it.

I have on style that constatnly gets messed up when I upload or make changes, but I think I understand how to fix it (at least I hope so) ~ I'll be back with a link when I upload it successfully ;)

20 Jun 2006, 16:22
yumyumcat, many thanks for your very sweet comment and please let me know when you upload the skin ;)

20 Jun 2006, 18:51
fantastic style m8
installed :)

20 Jun 2006, 22:38
hey nasser m8 :) , very glad that you like it and many thanks for your comment :)

20 Jun 2006, 23:10
Again, very nice style, Egtrix!

21 Jun 2006, 08:17
hey Dan, really glad that you like it. I know that you prefer fluid width skins, but there is one on the way ;)

22 Jun 2006, 02:13
I really like your new style, but feel it would be greatly imporved if it used Post and Thread Icons which matched the icons for Post New Thread and Post Reply, rather than the somewhat lame default icons from v3.5. Everything else is strong and stylish, but those default icons create a glaring contrast to everything else fresh and new.

Please consider this more of a wish list, than an effort to criticize your very well done concept. Over all, I like what you've done very much and appreciate your efforts and that you are sharing them here.

Maybe it will be an impitus for me to try to create some icons for myself.


22 Jun 2006, 08:12
Slappy, many thanks for your openion and I really apreciate it. You are probably right about the icons issue, but I have to say that it's a matter of time, because I don't do a design in 2 or 3 hours like some designers do. This design took 3 days and not less than 20 hours of work. I made a lot of designs and I didn't like them so I did start over again and again till I reached a good design.
Anyway, I will try to have a full set of icons done for upcoming skins.
Thanks ;)

22 Jun 2006, 09:27
Again I appreciate your effort and should learn how to do some of this myself. It was just such a sharp contrast to the other images, which really stand out and are well designed.

I've looked at alot of designs on the net and this is one of the more distinctive I've seen is its clean lines and styling. It's quite obvious you spent good productive time in development.

I am running a copy of the style on my home test forum and so far have not found a way to log out. Am I missing something or is there no log out button hiding somewhere? I know I can add a button and the code back in. Just wanted to make sure I'm not just failing to recognizing it.

If you care to take the time, I would be interested to know what design tools you used to make the style. Did you originally create the Header in Photoshop or did you use some other tool or tools?


22 Jun 2006, 17:00
Many thanks gain slappy for your feedback. As for the logout button, I usually don't add a logout button to my designs unless required. As for the design, yes I did create the header using Photoshop, PhotoImpact and Illustrator. And I've attached the PSD file within the zip style file. I even sometimes use 3D Studio or Maya if needed, in order to create a good looking shape or to do some effects. Mixing these tools in working in one design always give a new and good looking design.
I'm really glad that you like my work and here's my new upcoming style:
It's not yet complete but I hope that you will like it too
Thank you

22 Jun 2006, 20:57
Hi egtrix:

Thanks for the feedback. I had taken a look at your PSD file in Photoshop and am attempting to analize some of the techniques for construction of such designs and share your "time permitting" constraints. I'm still at "Step One" in the learning curve on these subjects.

I took a look at your new unfinished design and like the texture in the Header and the round corners on the forums. I've actually looked through all of the styles on your site and believe your Faddah Style is by far the most striking. But then such opinions are reflections of one's personal taste and preferrence and one persons "favorite" may be someone else's "eyesore." Faddah remains one of the two I've seen that I like the best out of all the styles that I have so far seen.


22 Jun 2006, 21:05
Hello slappy,
I'm really glad to hear that. As for my designs that I have on DesignersForums.net, most of them are just concepts that I designed and I didn't like. So I have no intention to release them and it's same here, I do prefer Faddah style more than any one I designed earlier and I feel it's more professional. And I might release another version of it with extra addons and options.
Anyway, I will be always glad to discuss your openion regarding my designs and thanks for your feedbacks.
Best Regards

07 Jul 2006, 22:03
Hi and congratulations on your skin, it is very very good.

Can you please advise me how to add/change a link when I alter the banners.

Im probably being thick but please let me know.

Also, is there any way in which you can have the picture of the world revolving. Not that im asking too much ;)

08 Jul 2006, 00:27
Hello MoveOver.cc, many thanks for your post and glad that you like Faddah Style.
All you have to do to alter the banner is to:
1. Go to your Style manager in the adminCP
2. Edit the header template for Faddah Style
3. Search for the following lines
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "pub-4742914093303881";
google_ad_width = 468;
google_ad_height = 60;
google_ad_format = "468x60_as";
google_ad_type = "text";
google_ad_channel ="";
google_color_border = "3F559C";
google_color_bg = "34385D";
google_color_link = "E6E6E6";
google_color_text = "FFFFFF";
google_color_url = "FFFFFF";
<script type="text/javascript"
4. Replace them with your banner code
And that's all
Also you can even use a banner rotator if you want to show more than one banner.

As for the world pic, unfortunately this is a two dimensional pic, so it's not possible at the moment to animate it.
But I think I will release another version of this style soon with an animated globe pic instead of the current one.
Thanks again :)

08 Jul 2006, 01:38
Version 2 has now been released fixing a bug in the "Last Post"cell width at forum home

08 Jul 2006, 23:08
How can i change the name of the skin to my site name?

08 Jul 2006, 23:12
How can i change the name of the skin to my site name?
Hello Enigma,
Thanks for your post, I don't really understand your question but I want to let you know that I've added an empty logo image with the skin, so you can add your own logo or forum name.
Thanks again :)

08 Jul 2006, 23:27
oh ok thanks egtrix, Installed.

08 Jul 2006, 23:29
EnIgMa1234, you are always welcome :)

09 Jul 2006, 00:39
How can i talk to your through a messanger, i have alot of questions, about my ste and the skin. really willing to make it main skin.

09 Jul 2006, 02:40
yes sure np :)

09 Jul 2006, 14:55
Hi again,

Could you please advise how I can make the width of the page wider so it stretches the whole screen.


09 Jul 2006, 17:08
There are two kinds of skins, fluid skins, which can be stretched to fill the whole page, and fixed skins which can't be stretched. Faddah Style is a fixed style.
Thanks :)

10 Jul 2006, 00:14
WOW, love this skin, one of the best i have seen around

Well done guys

10 Jul 2006, 00:18
WOW, love this skin, one of the best i have seen around

Well done guys
Many thanks for your post and really glad that you like it :)

10 Jul 2006, 01:55
love that skin great job ;)

10 Jul 2006, 01:59
Many thanks l@z and very glad that you like it :)

10 Jul 2006, 08:02
Yo eg man i really screwed this up trying to add the arkade link, can you please help em with this.

<TD COLSPAN="29"><IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/header_22.gif" WIDTH="928" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="20"></TD>
<TD><IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/space.gif" WIDTH="1" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="20"></TD>
<TD COLSPAN="3" ROWSPAN="6"> <a href="http://www.miami-space.com/forums/arcade.php"> <IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/header_23.gif" WIDTH="90" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="43"></a></td>
<TD COLSPAN="2"><IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/header_24.jpg" WIDTH="90" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="1"></TD>
<TD COLSPAN="2"><IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/header_24.jpg" WIDTH="90" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="1"></TD>
<TD COLSPAN="3" ROWSPAN="5"><IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/header_25.gif" WIDTH="71" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="42"></TD>

whats wrong there?.. what did i do? can you please give me the code back to normal?

10 Jul 2006, 08:20
can you please send me your complete header code now

10 Jul 2006, 08:24
your forum just looks fine when i visit:
nothing strange

12 Jul 2006, 22:59
can you please advise what I need to do to add a link to the buttons.


13 Jul 2006, 00:36
Look in your AdminCP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> FH_Faddah Style -> header template..

If you put "register" in the "Search in Template" box and hit "Find" you will see the location where the "Register" Button is called. That code is:

<TD COLSPAN="4" ROWSPAN="2"><a href="register.php$session[sessionurl_q]"><IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/header_7.gif" alt="Register" WIDTH="104" HEIGHT="15" BORDER="0"></a></TD>
<TD COLSPAN="9"><IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/header_8.gif" WIDTH="260" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="7"></TD>
<TD><IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/space.gif" WIDTH="1" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="7"></TD>

What this is, is a "Row" ( <TR> ) for the instructions for the Register Button, which is found in /images/FH_Faddah/header_8.gif (view as Thumbnail and you will see the .gif as a picture).

Arcade is "header_23"; Gallery is "header_27"; and Store is "header_25".

You will find their code by searching for the "header_x" numbers.

Here's the Code for "Arcade":

<TD ROWSPAN="5"><IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/header_27.gif" WIDTH="89" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="42"></TD>
<TD ROWSPAN="4"><IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/header_28.jpg" WIDTH="1" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="41"></TD>
<TD><IMG SRC="images/FH_Faddah/space.gif" WIDTH="1" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="4"></TD>

Comparing it to the one for Register, it is missing an ""<a href=""> to an Arcade add-in and an alt=" " reference, which I suspect should be: 'Gallery'. These items would, hopefully be supplied by whomever made what you were trying to add-in. In your original folder, you also have "empty" buttons you could use to create your own link to something other than the 3 "empty" links in the Header by default.

When he drops by, egtrix can straighten out anything I may not have gotten completely correct.


13 Jul 2006, 03:13
Many thanks slappy for explaining :)
MoveOver.cc , please let me know if you need anything else

14 Jul 2006, 08:27
It's just what I neeeeeed.
Surely Installed.

14 Jul 2006, 09:10
Hey Stop :)
Really glad that you like it :)

14 Jul 2006, 09:14
Undeniably one of the most gorgeous skins I've even seen.

I'm a relative n00b at all this and I was unable to replace my 'donations' link on the navbar and other things. Also, I would have liked it to fit my screen at 1600x1200 resolution.

14 Jul 2006, 09:19
Darwa, many thanks for your nice words :)
Don't worry about being new to this stuff, it's a matter of few weeks and you will get more than enough knowledge :)
I will release a new version of this skin in a month with much more option including donation button and some extra buttons but as for the resolution, I have to stick to low forum width because there are still people who are using 800x600 pixels reolution.
Thanks again :)

18 Jul 2006, 22:11
Awesome work thanks so much for it. Looking forward to the next version of it!

18 Jul 2006, 22:27
longs, many thanks for your first post ;) glad to see your first post to be at this thread :)

31 Jul 2006, 16:45
cool skin man! It looks techie and I love techie :)

31 Jul 2006, 18:15
I||usi0nz I'm very glad that you like Faddah Style as it is one of the skins that took long time design wise :)

02 Aug 2006, 02:35
Love it


I am customize'N it now

quick question tho. .

what font did ya use for the header buttons?


many thanks

02 Aug 2006, 02:44
Hello jarcher :)
Glad that you love this skin :) The font used in the header is Arial Black.
You are always welcome

03 Aug 2006, 18:53
This skin is amazing and the globe works really well with the name of my site :D

Thank you very much really. Hats of to your skills, keep up the great work :)

A question, is there not a logout button? (I searched all over and couldnt find it)

So I decided to change the gallery button to logout BUT I am not sure of what link to put behind it

Could you please help :)

04 Aug 2006, 01:45
Many thanks samse for your very nice post :) And here is the logout link you need :)

04 Aug 2006, 07:08
Thank you works like a charm :D

Much appreciated

04 Aug 2006, 07:49
Thank you works like a charm :D

Much appreciated
No problem, you are always welcome :)