View Full Version : Today' s Birthdays suddenly stopped working

19 Jun 2006, 13:19
Problem solved!

A few hours ago a user' s birthday has been displayed on the portal, but now it is only shown in the calendar. The timezone of the user is only one hour different than default timezone.
Didn' t forum index show birthdays? This is missing, too.
The user hasn' t been online for several weeks and age and birthday are set to public view.
Birthdays are activated on the calendar.

Does anybody have a clue what might have happened? Or does anyone have the same problem?

Edit: I have found the solution. Just today the user became an inactive user and the default setting is to show birthdays of active members only. So this has nothing to do with vbadvanced.

Just uncheck the option in your admin control panel (forumhome) and all birthdays will be displayed. Be aware that you might not be able to see the change before the birthday cache gets refreshed.