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21 Jun 2006, 18:37

I want to make some changes (and improvements) to my portal.
First, I want to apply my own css class to the post icon that appears in every post. Like this one:
.iconline {
vertical-align: middle;

I searched adv_portal_newsbits, the template which is responsible for newsbits, but ... somehow there is no class for the post icon. In dreamweaver (just saved the page and played with the code) it was easy, but now... ? The result should look like this (take a look where is sais "sophos" and the added line hilighted with red text) :


Secondly, as you know, vBAdvanced by default shows some info below every topic's title. Like those: Nov 28, 2005 - 9:34 AM - by Global
I want to change those data, or in fact... add data. Like, again, on the photo above:
Forum: My Alerts ~ From: Global ~ On Nov 25, 2005 and 9:40 AM
Or generally:
Forum: Forum name(link) ~ From: Username (link) ~ On Date and Time

Thanks in advance for everyone help out with this.

05 Jul 2006, 18:36

12 Jul 2006, 07:40
open up news.php and just add a align="absmiddle" code to the <img> tag

27 Jul 2006, 09:11
open up news.php and just add a align="absmiddle" code to the <img> tag

Worked like a charm!
Now, I only need info on how to add the extra info I want in each news item.