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21 Jun 2006, 17:45
I got the CMPS blocks installed and working correctly. But they don't integrate with the Forum/Shoutbox on the index page.

If I go to index.php then I can see the forums and the shoutbox.
If I go to cmps_index.php I get the blocks that I want to see, but none of the above.

Can someone explain to me how I integrate the two of them together so when I rename cmps_index.php to index.php I see the blocks, forums, and shoutbox?

Thanks in advance!


08 Sep 2006, 18:45
Even I want to know this.

09 Oct 2006, 22:26
Same here , anyone know anything ?

09 Oct 2006, 22:35
i think you are misunderstanding how this is installed.

cmps_index.php is basically just the index of the portal system. and the reason you are seeing threads/forums is because of the modules, such as the news module which will display new threads/posts from specificed forums on the cmps_index, when you go to index.php, this is your forums index..... plain and simple.

the protal is just that, a portal, but its meant to be a part of vB unlike other portals.

You will still need BOTH cmps_index.php and index.php for everything to work.... they are not interchangable, and you do not rename cmps_index to index and delete the old index as this will make your forum malfunction.

they are seperate files fo seperate systems.

There are hacks/mods that will make CMPS modules display on the forumhome, but it requires a bit of work.

11 Oct 2006, 22:12
I got it work now ....thanks .

16 Oct 2006, 05:45
Where Can I active my account?

I bought vBulletin, but still I can not download vBadvanced

16 Oct 2006, 05:52

16 Oct 2006, 06:31

In the members area say than I dont have permissions

16 Oct 2006, 06:38
You have to register, and activate your account.