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23 Jun 2006, 01:19
I took some screenies of my screen while I attempt to equip a heat saber...

As we can see I do not have anything equipped for my sword slot (I sold my alloy sword) and I have circled the button labled "Inventory" to show I do know of this button and have tried to use it.

Shown here is my inventory screen, as I so crudely put it with my red paint (heh), I show that the radio buttons are grayed out and cannot be selected. Therefore, I cannot equip or sell items that are in my inventory.

As I stated in my first post, I have found a way around this bug, however you can't fix yourself (that I know of) if you have already bought an item. So anyone who is reading this, make sure you ALWAYS sell the current item before upgrading or you could get into the situation I am in.

Thats what was reported to me.. I did not encounter this issue, but two of my members did however.

25 Jun 2006, 11:31
Did you update to PL1? I fixed two bugs that sounds hella lot like this one...

25 Jun 2006, 12:05
I did update.

25 Jun 2006, 12:45
Oh for ++++s sake, that guy is retarded.
I just looked at the images, and tell him to read the goddamn description. He can't equip it because he's not of the proper Battle Type.

You can equip it because you are Admin, you can equip anything.

26 Jun 2006, 01:11
Battle type? As in the Normal or Monster type? I made all the items the same type as the classes and all. Hmm.... ^.-