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23 Jun 2006, 03:06
Blufection is an adapatation of a skin I made for my own web forum. It's mainly a dark blue skin, and it comes with a PSD for editing the header.

View Demo (http://www.filefreak.net/index.php?styleid=29)

Install Instructions
- Download and extract the blufection_style.zip
- Upload the contents of the "upload" directory to the root of your forum.
- Import the blufection-style.xml using the AdminCP

Other Information
To use this skin you MUST keep the skin copyright in the footer. I don't want to see anyone using this skin without this copyright in it.

Atakan KOC
23 Jun 2006, 06:23
Nice. Thanks.

23 Jun 2006, 08:34
Very sexy style! :)

23 Jun 2006, 12:44
That's right, I kinda love it! :)

24 Jun 2006, 19:55
Installed with pride :)

24 Jun 2006, 20:17
Thanks. I've just noticed I haven't removed my own guest welcome panel code again though. :p


24 Jun 2006, 23:34
hehe... yea had to take that out..not a big deal.

BTW, excellent style, love it. Now my default. Good Work!

25 Jun 2006, 00:01
I have one question regarding this style..

All I want to change in the text size in posts. Is their an ez way to change that?

25 Jun 2006, 00:45
You should be able to change the font size using the Admin Control Panel.

Admin CP > Styles & Templates > Style Manager.

Each element should have a "font size" section and "10pt" inside it. Simply change this to 11, 12, etc. to increase the font size as you wish.

25 Jun 2006, 01:42
Yep, got it..thx

NM, I fixed that issue too...

Excellent style again!

24 Jul 2006, 04:39
You screen cap has a rather nice looking SMF style welcome header, but I just get the plain old vb one... :(