View Full Version : Help with banner not showing on the portal

28 Jun 2006, 09:02
Ok im sure that this has been a question before mabye not but i have a lil problem with my portal. Its installed fine and works perfectly and even with my skin but its just the top banne just shows the text OGFX which is my site. The banner in the forum works fine but it doesnt want to show up in the portal. Can anyone help me? My site is http://www.onegraphix.com if you want to see what im talkin bout. Thanks in advance.

Living in music
28 Jun 2006, 09:49
You must edit your skin and change image path to full path, eg (http://yoursite/forum/skin/image.gif)

28 Jun 2006, 18:10
Well the thing is im still new at this stuff, i mean i can mod the forums like arcade and the portal and such but i just need a little guidence as to where i can go to edite it. See when i right click and copy image location it gives me this which is where the image is but idk if im supposed to change it somewhere else or what http://www.onegraphix.com/aqua/images/misc/banner_title.gif .
Thanks for the help its much appricated.