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Lizard King
28 Jun 2006, 12:33
A lot of people asked this style from me. But since it was the default style i never wanted to release this style.

Since i am planning to create a new style for my site with vb3.6 i decided to release this style.

But i advice you to use this style only if you know how to edit the templates because i downloaded the style.xml from my live board and i don't have enough spare time to re edit the style.

If you check my forumhome (http://www.ayyas.com/forum.html) on left side you can see latest topics block and shoutbox block.

If you want them you need to download http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=83230

For vbshout you need to change position to below forums.

If you have any questions i will be glad to help if i find any spare time.

Atakan KOC
28 Jun 2006, 14:14
Thanks Lizard King.


28 Jun 2006, 16:36
Screen shots

28 Jun 2006, 16:50
Up all and import .xml but...

Mensaje vBulletin: Invalid File Specified

reeup please

28 Jun 2006, 17:03
beautiful! thanks LizardKing

28 Jun 2006, 18:06
sweet style IMO. one of the best yet.

29 Jun 2006, 19:54
Thanks King!

02 Feb 2007, 03:01
great work
thanks alot

19 Mar 2007, 11:59
thanks Lizard King

25 Mar 2007, 23:53
zip file is not working..corrupted!!