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28 Jun 2006, 17:10
Change Contact us Email

vBulletin 3.5.4 and vBulletin 3.6
www.vBHackers.com (http://www.vBHackers.com)

If you want a screen shot just ask but i don't think it is really necessary

What this does
Allows you to change the contact us email address if you want it to differ from the webmasters

To do list...

* Time to install: As long as it takes you to import an xml :)
* New Templates: 0
* Template Edits: 0
* New Files: 0
* New Phrases: 0
* New Plugins: 1

Help & Support
Before asking for support Please make sure you have done all necessary changes! If you still need support please post a reply here.

Use at your own risk.

Import the attached file then go into vBulletin Options > Site Name / URL / Contact Details and then you should see "Contact us" Email Address you MUST enter an email for this otherwise the contact us form will just send emails into space.

Hope you like, feedback welcomed.

Remember to Press:
https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/ (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=119802)

28 Jun 2006, 18:31
installed thnaks

28 Jun 2006, 18:33
Thanks for using :)

Remember to Press:
https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/ (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=119802)

28 Jun 2006, 18:38
thanks i will give it a try

29 Jun 2006, 19:59
Thanks will install it tonight!

29 Jun 2006, 19:59
3.6 version coming soon ;)

29 Aug 2006, 01:18
Excellent plugin, Nick. Now I won't get spam from new registrants with infected computers. You are teh rocking.

07 Oct 2006, 22:03
Installed, thanks! :)

20 Oct 2006, 23:23

06 Nov 2006, 20:43
Sweet, just what I was looking for.... I had already changed my new registration validation messages to say "do not reply to this email, use the Contact Us form located at xxxxx.xxx" because I wanted to use either a fake email address (or one I don't check regularly) for registrations, so spammers registering would not get a valid email address in the "from" field to further spam with.

Then I realized the default Contact Us form used the same address. This completes the puzzle. :D * installed *

ver 3.6.2

07 Nov 2006, 03:24
All it is, is a line saying : Email address here

11 Dec 2006, 22:11
Installed and working with 3.6.4 !

Thanks, clicked install ! ;)

16 Mar 2007, 00:01
I've just noticed. I have an auto responder set up for the e-mail I'm using as the "Contact Us" e-mail, but it doesn't send the auto response e-mail if someone use the contact us page on vB.

Anyway around this?



20 May 2007, 12:00
I'm using this plug-in quite a while now. Never had problems with vBulletin 3.6.2.

But since I've updated to 3.6.7 it's not working properly anymore: The automatic system mails are send from the "webmaster" address (in my case noreply@....com), BUT the return path is now the "contact us" address (in my case webmaster@....com). What's the reason for this?

Could you check that, please? Thanks!

22 Sep 2008, 14:45
works perfect. thank you

26 Sep 2008, 11:27
Thanks! Working perfectly on 3.7.3 PL1 and solved a really annoying problem. :D

28 Sep 2010, 16:29
Thanks! Working perfectly on 3.7.3 PL1 and solved a really annoying problem. :D

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Does it work on vBulletin 3.8.6 PL1? This seems like something I could use as I'm getting spammed with new user integrations (at least once a day)...