View Full Version : postbit (legacy) Not showing stats

01 Jul 2006, 20:01
OK I`m a little confused. I have done the template edits, and I`ve set myself up a user/person type thing. Cant see any stats though .. am I missin something?

01 Jul 2006, 23:34
Try re-importing the product manually through the Plugin Manager.
Beyond that I cant think of any reasoin why it wouldnt work, bar the postbit pluygin under the RPG product being disabled.

Also sorry about the spelling, keyboard is in my lap as this is my movie chair and cba to swap as its comofrtable XD

02 Jul 2006, 00:47
Double check the template.. you never know if you made a mistake somewhere, also update all of your cache's - the RPG and vBulletin's.

02 Jul 2006, 12:24
cheers peeps, will have a look at these suggestions see if I can get it workin