View Full Version : Another small problem

02 Jul 2006, 13:48
Ok so maybe not a small problem LOL ...

Using firefox I can create my first charactor without a problem. Using Explorer however, the button text is greyed out... Any ideas what I`m doing wrong or is this a known bug?

02 Jul 2006, 14:06
Did you try hitting tab after inputting your chara name?
It's a known issue but not much can be done about it, since the alternative would be to allow form submissions that contains incomplete data, which again leads to dropdown anomalies when the Back button is hit.

02 Jul 2006, 20:44
will try this now cheers

EDIT:- Nope still no joy .... was thinking it may have been the settings in admincp, but it works with firefox so can`t be

02 Jul 2006, 22:34
Its the person's punishment for using IE instead of Firefox. :D

03 Jul 2006, 20:16
Great analogy and I totally agree .. explorer is shite LOL .. didn`t actually know it wasn`t workin till someone told me ..

However since most of the internet population still use it, I would hav thought it would be more compatable with explorer than firefox

04 Jul 2006, 12:07
Im looking at being preoccupied with some other projects for the time being, but I will bring out PL2 fixing this as well as the AdminCP SQL Syntax errors sometime soon.
If I can't fix the javascript then I'll just code some more advanced error checking to make sure the data is valid.

One thing, has anyone tested it in IE7? If I did test it in IE I would have tested it in IE7 B2, see.
Also I test nothing of my code in IE. IE is the spawn of Satan (literally speaking :p) and I don't use it for nothing.