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02 Jul 2006, 16:01
Grey Blue

A calm, dark skin brought to you by AdminFusion (http://www.adminfusion.com)

Full demo here (http://clients.gotskinned.com/?styleid=16)

I have also attached a couple image previews - hope you like it and we would advise that you go to AdminFusion (http://www.adminfusion.com) for any questions


02 Jul 2006, 16:02
Reserved for future use

Pete C
04 Jul 2006, 23:29
I gave it a try - great colour and layout, but sadly (for me & my site) it's a fixed-width version. A great theme though . . if there's any chance of you doing a fluid version I'd be happy to use it.

05 Jul 2006, 09:08
Thank you, very nice! :)