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02 Jul 2006, 18:25
Hello :)
Here is another new skin that carries the name of Tasmim Style, the word Tasmim is an Arabic word which means "Design" in English.

The skin is a fixed skin with Google Adsense added to both header and footer along with a scrolling text marquee and the login area added to the header.

I hope you like it ;)

Skin Colors:

Brown, Dark Brown, White, Light Brown, Gold

Skin Design:

- Header design

- Footer Design

- Buttons Design

- Status Icons Design

- Gradients Design

Code Changes:

- Adsense added to both header and footer

- Login and PM area added to the header and removed from the navbar template.

- A marquee has been added to the header

- Extra buttons for arcades, gallery and store have been added to the header.
- Time added to the header template

Zip File Content:

-FH_Tasmim folder : Style images folder (upload)

-FH_Tasmim.xml file : import this through your admincp

-PSD files folder : Layer psd files for the style (not to be uploaded)

-logo Folder : contains empty logo pic to place your logo on. After placing your logo on this pic, upload it to forums/images/FH_Tasmim
(note: don't change the pic name or it will not show)

-empty-buttons Folder : contains an empty version of the buttons used in the design so you can add what ever you want to them.



http://www.designersforums.net/tasmim-small.gif (http://www.designersforums.net/tasmim.gif)


For a demo click here (http://www.designersforums.net/forums/?styleid=34)

Version 2 Released:
Fixes a small problem in the width of the "Last Post" cell.

This skin has been tested on both FireFox and Internet Explorer with the latest releases. Please don't hesitate to report any bugs or to mention your openion.

Kind Regards :)

02 Jul 2006, 18:35
nice thank beatiful

02 Jul 2006, 18:57
Thank you destroyer for your post and you are always welcome :)

02 Jul 2006, 20:55
Way cool skin. I've been looking for something like this and I'm pretty pickie when it comes to how things look plus function. This is a winner.


02 Jul 2006, 21:04
Arios, really glad that you like Tasmim Style skin and I wish to see it on your forum soon :)

02 Jul 2006, 22:59
I am a huge fan of your skins...as always, great job!

02 Jul 2006, 23:28
Many thanks FLMom for your continous support and I'm glad to see your post here :)

03 Jul 2006, 01:33
u have a touch of magic man . wonder if it will work on my arabic forum !!!

03 Jul 2006, 01:41
Many thanks Barakat for your nice words :)
I didn't try to install it on Arabic vBulletin or in any other language but the English language, I hope that it will work for you :)

03 Jul 2006, 01:59
the problem with it is that i need to change all the design in the footer and in the header in in the middle so as it will work .

take a look here ...


03 Jul 2006, 02:21
the problem with it is that i need to change all the design in the footer and in the header in in the middle so as it will work .

take a look here ...

Did this happen once you installed the skin or did it happen because you tried to make changes?

03 Jul 2006, 02:23
accually i did not make any changes but all the english styles wont work as it should till we modify it so as to be fit good in our forum >

03 Jul 2006, 02:25
sorry to hear that, I thought that all vBulletin versions are the same, but according to what I saw now, this is not true. But can't you open the PSD file and flip the design horizontically to fix the problem?

03 Jul 2006, 02:35
I really admire your work,another excellent style thankyou

03 Jul 2006, 02:35
i will try to do that in the front page and i will change it places . hope i will make it . any way thanks for your nice designs .

03 Jul 2006, 02:39
Rickie3, many thanks for your nice words and I hope that I always design skins that you'll like :)

Barakat, you are always welcome pal, I wish I can help you out of this but I don't have Arabic installed on my PC. Please let me know when things are ok :)

03 Jul 2006, 02:43
i think i will be a great designer if i do it :banana:

03 Jul 2006, 02:45
i think i will be a great designer if i do it :banana:
lol, yes it's too much complicated :)

03 Jul 2006, 02:54
any way u cant try it if you change ur language Text Direction right to left >

or upload an arabic language to ur fourm just for admin purpose ...

thanks any way and realy i will have a lot of work on it . coz i like that style .

03 Jul 2006, 12:08
style very nice .
thanks man
click install now

03 Jul 2006, 12:27
Barakat, thank you for your post, it's not about text encoding, I have to install Arabic language to my Windows so I can see the exact words right and the vbulletin menu the right way, I will try to install it in the future. :)
GTTG, you are always welcome and many thanks for your post :)

03 Jul 2006, 14:59
Wow :banana:

As always, very very beautiful. :D

03 Jul 2006, 15:03
Many thanks bubble-gum for your post :) and for your continous support :)

P ! X E L
04 Jul 2006, 14:12
nice style ..... I like it
soft touches ..

keep it up

the problem with it is that i need to change all the design in the footer and in the header in in the middle so as it will work .

take a look here ...


I think u r facing two proplems :

1) the direction of HTML
2) the width of arabic fonts especially it is fixed style ..

wish u do it susscefully :)

04 Jul 2006, 22:25
Thanks P ! X E L for your post and glad that you like it :)

06 Jul 2006, 22:54
Another one I missed, and it looks great. Good mix of colors and over all graphic design. :)

07 Jul 2006, 00:49
very glad that you like it :)

08 Jul 2006, 01:08
Version 2 has now been released fixing a bug in the "Last Post"cell width at forum home

13 Jul 2006, 12:14
take a look


14 Jul 2006, 00:53
great effort, I admire it :) there are still some tweaks needed

14 Jul 2006, 02:07
Like the clock numbers are a "reverse" image of the original clock, with the numbers "reversed" and running 'backwards, instead of just having the logo and Tasmin Style boxes placed on the opposite sides of the clock as it was shown in the original . :surprised:


14 Jul 2006, 02:15
slappy, you are probably right about this, but he's trying to reverse everything to use the skin with Arabic language which is written from right to left.

14 Jul 2006, 03:53
I'm not really trying to be critical. Just pointing out the fact that the clock face was one of those "details" you mentioned that still needed "tweaking."

Not having looiked at this code, but having studied the FH_Faddah header, I was/am assuming that the elements of the clock graphic were/are fairly independent of what's on the left or right side of that header bar and that those two sections could be "reversed" without actually changing the clock. But if I'm wrong, it wouldn't be the first time, and no disrespect was intended.

I understand some of the difficulties of attempting what he is attempting.


14 Jul 2006, 08:12
slappy, I know that you aren't trying to be cretical and that you are a helpful person :)
Yes you are probably right that every slice is independent and especially the clock slice and that it doesn't need to be reversed.

19 Jul 2006, 17:17
This design is wonderful.
How much you charge for 1 template design?

Ted M
19 Jul 2006, 17:42

This is an awesome design... it's classy and easy on the eyes... sometimes a hard balance! :)

Well done! Bravo!

Question...and forgive this because I'm VERY new to Photoshop, etc...

If I want to edit the text on the buttons, is that possible? Are they PSD files so then I just edit the Text layers?

Again, forgive the question if it's a dumb one. :)

Also, is there a way for me to customize it in such a way that the advertisement section is NOT on there? I have just a personal website and didn't want advertisements. Being new, I've no idea how to remove such things. :)

Wonderful work! Take care!

19 Jul 2006, 17:52
ccmoon, many thanks for your post and really glad that you like it :) As for services fees, please visit my site www.ForumsHelp.com for more details. Thanks again :)

Ted M, many thanks for your nice post. Your question is ot dumb at all, actually it's a smart one, as I didn't use Photoshop for designing this skin, so you can't edit the text in the attached PSD file but you can simply replace the text using the PSD files or using the empty buttons provided in the .zip file for this purpose. Thanks again :)

Ted M
19 Jul 2006, 18:51
egtrix, thanks for responding. :)

I'm confused... which program would I use to replace/edit the text (or add text to the empty buttons) if I can't use Photoshop? :)

Also, I think you may have missed my other question... if I run a personal site and don't want Adsense or the advertisement block in the skin... how do I go about configuring that? :)

Many thanks.

19 Jul 2006, 20:02
Ted M, thanks for your post :)
You can use Photoshop for replacing text but not to edit existing one, that's what I meant, so it's Photoshop ;)
As for replacing Adsense, all you have to do is:
1. Go to admincp
2. Go to Style Manager
3. Chose "Edit Templates" for Tasmim Style
4. Edit the header template
5. Search the header template for Google Adsense code and remove it or replace it with what ever banner code you want to place.
and that's it :)

21 Jul 2006, 19:39
i love the look of this and have installed it on my 3.5.4 board.. im also very new so have no clue how to correct this.

There are black lines across the header.. fat ones ... i uninstalled and re-installed with same effect. any help??

21 Jul 2006, 19:45
LadyHoney, many thanks for your post :) . The url you provided only takes me to the login screen and I can't access the forum it's self. Can you please post a valid url.
Thanks again :)

21 Jul 2006, 20:15
http://the-name-game.net/forum/?styleid=4 hopefully that works if not il will post a screen shot.. i think u have to register to view my board let me know pls

21 Jul 2006, 21:36
Thanks again for your post :)
I have mentioned the solution for this problem in the Read Me file attached within the zip file, and I copied it and pasted it below:

If you faced any problems in the display of the time in the header, all you have to do is:
1. Login to your admincp
2. Goto Languages & Phrases in the left side menu
3. Click on "Search in Phrases"
4. In the "Search for Text" box enter the following phrase without quotes "All Times" and click Find
5. Find the following in the search results: all_times_are_gmt_x_time_now_is_y
6. And click on the edit button beside it
7. In the text box under "Translations" enter the following: <span class="time">{2}</span>
8. Save and that's it
This process shorten the phrase saying "All Times Are GMT ...." and makes it only display the time.

Best Regards

22 Jul 2006, 19:03
Is there any way to get details on completely removing the Google stuff and some of the buttons?

22 Jul 2006, 20:10
GekkoPixie, many thanks for your post :)
Removing Google Ads steps are mentioned in the ReadMe.txt file, but for removing some buttons, this is not possible unless you use the PSD file attached within the zip file using Photoshop and then re-slice the header again.

10 Aug 2006, 15:49
Splendid...That's the only thing I can say...
Do you know that I only install egtrix's styles ?
Many thanks...

10 Aug 2006, 16:16
Stop many thanks for your post and I'm really glad to know that you install only my styles, that's very nice to hear. Thank you again :)

17 Aug 2006, 07:31
Nice Work


17 Aug 2006, 18:49
Thanks mate and glad that you like it :)

19 Aug 2006, 08:42

nice work . i love it
notice for my bro barakat:

u can use it for arabic vb by fliping the images in the photoshop and upload it

(( also do upgrade for the templates ))

and it will work good :)

thx again egtrix

19 Aug 2006, 10:22
I'm very glad that you love it BrD and thanks for helping Barakat ;)

30 Aug 2006, 22:10
A few days after I posted, we ended up with 3.6.0, so I never even got to try. On top of that, we got Google-ified. I did end up with a Faddah skin... not sure if those are yours. (I'm so bad with names). I just wanted to say thank you for the effort you put into making such lovely and interesting skins. :)

30 Aug 2006, 22:22
GekkoPixie, thank you for your post :) Faddah skin is mine as well and I'm really glad that you like the skins I released so far and I hope to always provide you and the vBulletin community with high quality free skin :)

08 Sep 2006, 00:21
I get the following message when trying to import this via acp:

vBulletin Message

Invalid File Specified

Am I misunderstanding something in the readme?

<What do I do here?>
-FH_Tasmim folder : Style images folder (upload)