View Full Version : ı have a problem. please help me

04 Jul 2006, 06:32
ı have a question. ı dıd your ınstallation. but ı have a problem.

ı dıd send a thread my forum.
that send ıt.
but than ı have a problem

"The document has moved here"

why thıs problem. what ı can?

sorry my englısh not good. but ı can understand you...

05 Jul 2006, 20:41
Hm, odd. Can you please take a screenshot or provide a live link?

05 Jul 2006, 22:21
In another Thread David G said:

One other thing to check, as it was in reply to a similar post on vb.com, and the reply was to: AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> Cookie and HTTP Header Options -> Remove Redirection Message Pages

Try that and see if it works.