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05 Jul 2006, 06:11
Hey all,

Have any of you ran into an issue like this??
I have been trying to install a couple of hacks that utilize .php files being placed in the module folder.
I ftp'ed them in there...When I went to make a module and utilize said php under php module drop down, it was not in the drop down box. All the rest of the phps were in the drop down, not that one. We have been going around on this one, renamed the file, transfered in auto, ascii.....
even uploaded other php files and none showing up in the drop down box.
I don't know if this has ever happened to any of you. Regardless of the php i put in module folder, cmps will not recognize it. i have uploaded several of them, renamed them, everything...

any help or suggestions really appreciated..



figured out problem.....my host changed servers on me....
now while the new server was up, the old one was still active, so it looked like all was being transferred but it was not.

oh my goodness that was a pain in the booty.