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06 Jul 2006, 16:00
I have installed Vbgarage on my 3.5.4 site, www.painterslaneforums.com and it works for BUT.

When you go INTO the garage and you want to go back out to the forums it is trying to go to http://www.painterslaneforums.com/forums/index.php which is not valid for the site, it shoudl be http://www.painterslaneforums.com/forum.php
Where do I fix that at in the VB part of this?

The Realist
06 Jul 2006, 17:28
Wrong section M8 :(

06 Jul 2006, 18:36
/me reports post

Paul M
06 Jul 2006, 19:07
Moved to vbGarage forum.

07 Jul 2006, 02:23
Any on able to help????

Go here.. http://www.painterslaneforums.com/vbgarage.php?do=list

Then click on the TBIRD garage I have set up....

Now if you want to go back and you click on the links to go back from here you get a error page cause it is looking for...


which it should be lookign for http://www.painterslaneforums.com/forum.php

How do I change this???