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10 Jul 2006, 03:13
Default Home Page

What this does: When a user clicks this it will make thier default homepage your site. This will improve chances that they will come back to your site.

How Long Does it take to set up: 1 Minute

What do i have to edit?: 2 Templates


1. In your Footer Template look for

<if condition="$show['contactus']"><a href="$vboptions[contactuslink]" rel="nofollow">$vbphrase[contact_us]</a> -</if>

2. Add this on top of it

<a href="#" onClick="this.style.behavior='url(#default#homepage)';this.setHomePage('http://yoursitehere');">Make Home Page Your Site Name Here </a>

3. In your Navbar template look for

<if condition="$show['member']">
<td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="login.php?$session[sessionurl]do=logout&amp;logouthash=$bbuserinfo[logouthash]" onclick="return log_out()">$vbphrase[log_out]</a></td>

4. Under it add

<a href="#" onClick="this.style.behavior='url(#default#homepage)';this.setHomePage('http://yoursitehere');">Home Page </a>

Thats It!

If you installed this please press install (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=120785)!

https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/ (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=120785)

10 Jul 2006, 03:26
very good ....

10 Jul 2006, 06:22
not to be dumb but how the heck does this work? i did the edits....

okay the text file is nothing but the mod in html....okay so what have i done wrong lmfao

nm got it...link was in the wrong stop so i moved it to the nabar and i could see it.

10 Jul 2006, 18:50

14 Jul 2006, 22:03
your welcome :) glad you like it..

Dont forget to hit install!

Brandon Sheley
07 Aug 2006, 00:30
how about a "add to favorites" ? how would we do that..


07 Aug 2006, 19:18

dont forget to add - <<<<< this dash so u will have space betwen them just a reminder......

08 Aug 2006, 05:16
<a href="javascript:window.external.addFavorite('http://www.site.com','site');">
Click here to add Site to your favorites!</a>


<span style='cursor:hand;text-decoration:underline;'onclick='window.external.AddFavorite(location.href,documen t.title);'>
Click here to add this page to your favorites</span>

11 Aug 2006, 06:39
Very useful, thank you!

12 Aug 2006, 11:46
Nevermind - I forgot to take it out of the navbar template lol


15 Aug 2006, 12:01
Very useful, thank you!

Glad it helps you :)

20 Aug 2006, 12:42
Thanks for this, but is it gonna work on Firefox too?

31 Aug 2006, 03:35
I use Firefox, and have done what was said, but somehow it doesn't make the site the official Homepage!

Kindly advise further plz!

Cheers! :)

15 Sep 2006, 04:36
this is very nice.. i needed this.. i made some changes and gave the tag an image to click on so that the link could be more than text..

<table border="0" align="left" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td><div align="top_left"><a href="#" onClick="this.style.behavior='url(#default#homepage)';this.setHomePage('http://theblackpoet.com/forum')"><img src="/forum/images/icons/sankofa.gif" alt="Make us your homepage" width="40" height="38" border="0" /></a></div></td>

i put this on TOP of the table in the NAV BAR.. and it does what i need..

03 Oct 2006, 11:18
doesnt seemt to work with Firefox

06 Oct 2006, 06:09
yeah ive looked over the web but cant find anything that works with firefox :/