View Full Version : Simple Black And White

15 Jul 2006, 15:56
This is my first template realse so i hope i did this right.

Theres no need to change the buttons, i made mine custom for my site so i dont want to hand them out.

Live Demo:

If you click install it would be nice, also, i would like it if you left a link to your site so i can see what it looks like.:bunny:

If i did this wrong please tell me :)

15 Jul 2006, 18:24
Very nice! :)

15 Jul 2006, 20:29
I like it, looks great! :)

16 Jul 2006, 02:39
lol, very simple as you stated.

looks great.

16 Jul 2006, 04:43
I may realse my buttons and everytihng for people later, i might not, i mean its jsut changing them to non-rgb color aka grayscale, so they can do it themselves :)