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16 Jul 2006, 06:01
I'm currently wanting to set up the log in module on my front page to hopefully recognize my membres as I've just created an "ad free group" and don't want those members to see the ads on the front page.

I'm having a problem where the log in doesn't appear to be registering on the front page. I've tested logging in, and I get the flash screen that says "thankyou for logging in X" and then it returns me to the front page where it shows as if I'm not logged in.

If I go to the forum however, it shows me as logged in. So it appears to be registering the log in ok, but for some reason isn't showing as logged in on the front page, and as a result is still showing ads.

I have tried clearing all my cookies, didn't help.

17 Jul 2006, 09:29
I tried the answer from the F.A.Q. -
Q. Now that I've installed this script I'm having problmes logging in/out!

A. Try clearing your cookies. If you're still having problems afterwards, go to your Admin CP, click on vBulletin Options, and edit your Cookie Domain (listed under Cookies and HTTP Header Options). Change that option to ".yoursite.com" (note the two dots!).
Once you change that, close all browser windows, clear your cookies again, and then try to log in/out again.

But when I did that, I couldn't log into my Admin CP... fixed the logging in from the front page, but I had to upload the tools.php file and reset my cookies in order to log into my Admin CP...

Would love to have some help figuring out the answer so I can move on from this issue...

18 Jul 2006, 11:49
I have the same problem with my whole site. I also cannot log out at all.. I have to manually clear all my cookies and then it takes several attempts just to log back in on IE

19 Jul 2006, 21:33
I guess we're left to figure it out ourselves... /sigh

09 Aug 2006, 13:37
go to vbulletin options > cookies & header options > cookie domain > /

not /forum/

10 Aug 2006, 07:50
Mine always stayed as /
I don't have the option for /forum/

24 Aug 2006, 18:53
go to vbulletin options > cookies & header options > cookie domain > /

not /forum/

thanks! that solved my login problem.

finn snor
31 Aug 2006, 07:21
go to vbulletin options > cookies & header options > cookie domain > /

not /forum/

Could someone please explain where to enter what ?

Do i use /not/forum/ or not/forum/ in the cookie domain ?