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18 Jul 2006, 05:17
Hello, I have a question about a module. My site features a "poem" module on the CMPS but it's currently manually written. Anyways, I have a forum that has all the threads of poems written by members. This is the hierarchy:

forumid_39 -> poems forum
-> thread
-> thread
-> thread..

What I'm looking for is a module that goes into the forumid 39, grab the most recent thread but NOT MOST RECENT POST, then find the first post of the thread and display on the CMPS main page.



18 Jul 2006, 05:24
You just need to go in and edit your module and change the Thread Display Order to Date Added and make sure the direction is Descending!

18 Jul 2006, 13:31
I think the Thread Display displays the top 10 thread but what I'm trying to achieve is just displaying threads from a specific forum not all forums. The forumid that I'm trying to grab from is 39.