View Full Version : BOTM July contest

Marco van Herwaarden
18 Jul 2006, 20:23
It is now the 18th of July and we still have not posted the voting thread for BOTM July that should have started on the 12th according to our own rules. We apologize for this delay.

To make up for the loss of voting days we will do the following:

The voting thread will be started within the next 2 days.
Voting will stay open until the end of august (giving even more voting time then our original rules allowed). This month winner will be the July/August BOTM winner.
We will change our rules in the following way to avoid that a delay of 1 or 2 days would have too much influence on nominating or voting in the future:
Nominating will start at the begin of each month and will run until the end of the month.
Voting will start at the beginning of the month after the nominating was ended.
This means that once it is running with these changed dates, we will always have 1 nominating and 1 voting thread running at the same time. First new nominating thread will be started in august.

We do believe this solution is the most fair to all involved.

18 Jul 2006, 21:00
By way of feedback, shouldn't anyone be able to nominate a site rather than just the site owner? I know of one site that the owner, not a great PHP programmer, but a committed forum admin, who paid to have a great custom style and had hacks installed for her. I don't know if she even visits here enough to know to nominate her site but it sure is worth of it.

Marco van Herwaarden
18 Jul 2006, 21:12
Well it only takes a minute for one of the admins of that site to signup. ;)

But we think that this rule is needed at this time to make sure things go smooth (so we can mess it up ourselfs ;)). Might be changed at a later stadium however.