View Full Version : If I already have a web design...

21 Jul 2006, 11:45

If I already have my own web design, and it's on my root directory, can I still integrate some stuff from CMPS?

Like, would I be able to export the five latest posts, most active posts, five newest members, etc, on to the main website?

- dr. azo

16 Aug 2006, 05:22
What do you mean by design? i.e. what are you using now...is there a content management system in place already?

You should look into vbexternal that might let you export the data you are looking for into your current setup.

19 Sep 2006, 06:43
I'm also interested in such a solution.

Take look at Funny24.net At left side of that page You can find a block with Community Statistics. How can I put there stats.php module from vbCMPS?