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24 Jul 2006, 20:19
In the who's online section, if I click on the member then I either get a page cannot be found page or it looks really basic (all white, a bit of text here and there with no images).

On the same note, clicking on the topic that a user is viewing from tis page takes me to a page saying that the page cannot be found.

Also, clicking on "New Posts" gets me a 404 not found error.

Have I done anything wrong? I have searched all possible threads about this, however, I have found nothign as of yet.

Thanks in Advance.

site: www. the[]environment[]room .com

P/W : test (if needed)

29 Jul 2006, 19:13
The url you are generating is:


The URL it should be is:


Can you provide a view of the navbar or header snippet you are using (wherever you have the html stored for that particular portion of the template) so that it can be looked at?