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26 Jul 2006, 10:37
Um.. Hi there..

I got a few questions..

I want to rewrite the vBulletin URLs without the .html extensions, but with just another forward slash, (To make it look as if each thread is it's own folder) Sure, it is strange, but with the current way the main section of my site is, (I'm using WordPress) and for you WordPress users, my rewrite rules are currently sset where I have no .html pages what so ever. You can see what I mean if you visit my site, http://www.sephiroth.ws/

Another question... I would like to do away with referring to ids with members, posts, threads, etc... Is that possible with vRewrite? If so, I'll be installing this soon!

30 Jul 2006, 19:32
Currently, the only options are available for different URLs are in the AdminCP. Aside from that, it's not possible currently. But rest assured, it will be eventually.

Adding another hack onto vRewrite, that deals with URLs can be very tricky. But just use the old URL with the & whatever it may be, and vRewrite will take care of the rest, so it should be plausible.