View Full Version : Alignment problem (cmps2.2.0 & vB3.6.0RC3)

31 Jul 2006, 12:01
Following the Integrating Other vB Pages & Hacks (http://www.vbadvanced.com/membersarea.php?do=viewusermanual&productid=4&pageid=6) instructions to wrap vBaCMPS around my forums there is some alignment problems when trying with showthread.php and some other files.

/forum/index.php Works fine.
/forum/forumdisplay.php Works fine.
/forums/search.php Works fine.

/forum/showthread.php Doesnt work
/forum/memberlist.php Doesnt work (not even after removing the a-z selector)

I havent tried further, because if I cant get some to work there's no reason to continue.

Attachments show the problem, first pic is /forum/index.php which works fine, second is the showthread.php that is messed up.

After searching and searching, and then some more searching, I found that ppl (including Brian) suggest trying removing the $spacer_open and $spacer_close from postbit, but those are no longer present in postbit in vB 3.6.0 RC3.

Please, does anyone have a solution to this problem ?


31 Jul 2006, 16:30
nope mine working fine...

hmm i guess just check the code to make sure no errors should work fine

31 Jul 2006, 21:05
Naah, code is fine, what I didnt mention is that it happens when using fixed width, it seems to work almost perfect with floating width, but not with fixed width.

..and I need fixed width. :tired: