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02 Aug 2006, 01:19
vB3.6 introduces the nice feature to have little bar under each thumbnail showing some information.. You can specify the background color of that bar but you can't specify the font color. Strange, isn't it?

Installing this hack let's you choose the font color just as you like. You can have a black background with a white font color, or have red background using a blue font color. It's totally up to you. Cool isn't it? ;)

This one requires some code modifications because the Plugin System doesn't work in the core files and this modifications adds some code to 'class_image.php'.

The included Product File installs the Admin CP setting for you. If you are unfamiliar with editing the PHP-files send me a private message. For $5 via PayPal, I'll do the changes for you! :)

Let's you choose the font color of the thumbnail information bar
Integrates with the existing thumbnail settings
It's free :D

Why isn't my new font color showing up?!
- If you change this setting, you will need to go to Maintenance -> Update Counters -> Rebuild Attachment Thumbnails.
It will automatically change all existing thumbnails to have the new colors.

PLEASE: Make a backup before installing this modification!
I've tested it but even the best one can make a mistake. :)

I hope you like it and please don't forget to click 'install'.. :)

Version history:
1.0 - this release

02 Aug 2006, 12:23
Great idea :) nice little addon

02 Aug 2006, 17:31
Yeah, I am a bit disappointed.. 7 downloads and only one installation? Come on guys. ;)

09 Aug 2006, 16:56
Hi nice addon, but where do i have to place the " .DS_Store " file?

13 Aug 2006, 09:21
It's a Mac file, just delete it. :)

30 Jan 2007, 22:55
question I use attachments on my vbadvanced page is there anyway to get this not to show on there?

27 Mar 2007, 08:20
Sorry, I don't know how vBAdvanced handles attached files. :(