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02 Aug 2006, 19:26
From doing a search here for a Last.fm/audioscrobbler hack to add a last.fm recent tracks, the two I found required Pear.

So I decided to do a quick add on and to share it.

As I'm new to this, I wont be able to offer full support, but I will hope that since it's fairly simple, none should be required.
If so, I can try myself and hope for help from other users.

Create new user profile field in User Profile Fields> Add new user profile field.

Edit the following:

Title= Last.fm recent tracks
Description= Your Last.fm username
Default Value= (leave blank)
Max length of allowed user input=100
Field Length=25
Profile Field Type= Single-Line Text Box
Display Order=99 (this is to make sure the last.fm field is last on the list)

Field Required= No
Field Editable by User= Yes
Private Field=No
Field Searchable on Members List= No
Show on Members List= No
Regular Expression= (blank)

Which page displays this option?= Edit Profile.

Once this is done, make sure to remember the field number, in my case it was 'field10'. In your case change it to whatever field number that you have.

In Styles & Templates> Style Manager.

Go to your chosen style and find MEMBERINFO under 'Member Info Templates'

<if condition="$post['field10']"><div><a href="http://www.last.fm/user/$post[field10]/?chartstyle=basicrt10"><img src="http://imagegen.last.fm/basicrt10/recenttracks/$post[field10].gif" border="0" alt="$post[field10]'s Profile Page" /></a></div></if>

Save the template and thats it.

Live example here (http://www.htireland.com/member.php?u=2)

If you want a different style or want to have top albums, top tracks etc, all you need to do is go to your last.fm tools section and select charts. Copy the code for websites and just replace the username with $post[fieldX].

Thank you all


02 Aug 2006, 23:46
safe simple but amazing thanks alot

08 Aug 2006, 14:04
nice simple hack my users should like it, nice forum as well mate

09 Aug 2006, 02:11
Cheers. Thanks for the complements ;)

30 Aug 2006, 17:41
Thanks for the hack! I'll install it right away...

17 Sep 2006, 08:35
Any updates?


18 Sep 2006, 08:16
Any updates?


Nice. I like the way you have that added.
I will try out a simular system for vB.

I am currently testing it out beside a username in the postbit. However, it only looks good in the standard postbit, not postbit legacy.

23 Sep 2006, 02:12
Installed! Thanks!

I modded it so I could put a link in peoples posts where the aim, icq, and other icons are.

Find in postbit or postbit_legacy(whichever you use):
$post[icqicon] $post[aimicon] $post[msnicon] $post[yahooicon] $post[skypeicon]

Insert this code after:
<if condition="$post['fieldX']"><a href="http://www.last.fm/user/$post[fieldX]"><img src="http://yoursite.com/images/lastfm.gif" border="0" alt="$post[fieldX]'s Profile Page" /></a></if>

Replace the right feild # for X and yoursite for the url for the image. I have attached the image I used for it and a screenshot. I placed mine after the im icons and before a link to xbox gamercard.

24 Sep 2006, 18:17
Excellent. I never thought of that.
I could try to have it as an option also where you can either have the tracks listed beside the username or have the icon beside the IM icons.

Excellent add.

01 Oct 2006, 07:51
I've tested various options of adding the tracks to the postbit. The charts are usually too wide for the postbit_legacy so I had to make my own. It doesnt update that often depending on the users cache setting though. I've had it in my postbit for the last week or so just showing the last track but it seems very buggy as to whether it's showing the actual last track played or one of the last five. It's weird.

01 Oct 2006, 18:53
I have noticed this laggyness with the images last.fm have created.
There is nothing unfortuantly I can do about that though.


Ive credited you for your work as well :)