View Full Version : CSS Background Issue in IE

05 Aug 2006, 17:36
I worked in the ability for my users to modify their profile with colors using CSS. THey can modify anything they want in their profile, like background color, table header text color, box background color, etc.

My problem is, if they just put in a background color and thats it, it displays fine in Firefox & Opera, but in I.E, the cells are orange, etc. (See screenshots)

My CSS code, or a part of it is this:

background: $userinfo[field40];

Any ideas on this one? Why I.E just sucks and cannot display it right?

05 Aug 2006, 18:01
I suggest adding a background color to <TABLE> and <TD>.

05 Aug 2006, 18:10
So basically, force the user, or at least tell them, that if they dont input values for the table background that their profile will look like above? Im guessing that is the only alternative, not sure. I.E kinda sux sometimes