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07 Aug 2006, 07:54
I've gotten grumpy a few times where someone will release a new vBCode and I want to test it in action before installing it, so I go to their board to try it... and find that they have no place to test out posting options. I can't much imagine what it'd be like for a new member at a forum where there's no place to test this stuff. So, I made this (because I couldn't find anything like it).

This is a very simple add-on -- it is an AJAX editor page where users may test their posts or their usage of bbcode. It uses the vB editor so that all your buttons are displayed as well. As stated before, pretty simple but useful.

Note: If you have AJAX turned off then this add-on will not work.

07 Aug 2006, 07:55

07 Aug 2006, 08:35
what a top idea tested and works great with 3.5.4, thankyou *installed*

07 Aug 2006, 08:41
simplistic design
/me likes it
but one thing it would be better if the "bbcodalized" box was below not next to the editor.

07 Aug 2006, 10:44
Great idea and so simple, thank you..:)

Is what's tested on the page saved and is it viewable for others to see or just the author and does it need clearing or pruning by admin or is it cleared once the page is closed?

07 Aug 2006, 18:54
Rogersnm: That can be achieved with a very simple template edit, just as long as the div with the id "tryvbcode_output" remains in that table cell.

Scooterpig: This is not saved and doesn't interact with the database. It is seen by no one but the user, and requires no pruning from the administrators.

08 Aug 2006, 03:23
great . installed

08 Aug 2006, 14:36
May want to turn tryvbcode.png into a JPG or GIF :)

08 Aug 2006, 17:04
I would have... but png had the best compression for that particular image. I haven't used a browser without support for non-transparent PNGs.

17 Sep 2006, 19:21
Thanks. I'll check this out soon!

King Kovifor
16 Dec 2006, 00:45
Clever Hack. Interesting Idea.

10 Feb 2007, 15:04
Hmm, interesting idea. I might have to put this in for the few members who don't know they can do a create thread and just preview it to what it will look like. ;)

15 Jul 2007, 10:18
Doesn't work. Clicking "submit" does nothing.