View Full Version : 3.6?

08 Aug 2006, 16:15
Is it supported? I don't want to upgrade and find out this hack does not work.

09 Aug 2006, 12:16
I have it up and running fine on my 3.6 board.

11 Aug 2006, 23:58
I've upgraded a few client boards to 3.6, and vRewrite runs fine.

17 Aug 2006, 04:15
I have uploaded it and run the htaccess generator. It installs and all the "modules" are activated. However when I ran the generator it told me that the rewrite was currently set to off. Also, When I tried to update the 3) In forumdisplay, showthread, standard_error find:
Add before that:
<base href="$vboptions[bburl]/" />

there was no $headinclude in those xml files. Thanks!

17 Aug 2006, 08:59
for 3.6, rewrite works very good

17 Aug 2006, 16:10
Make sure you're editing templates through Styles & Templates in the ACP.

10 Oct 2006, 02:02
It works but page 2 onward threads cannot be displayed.