View Full Version : How is this different than vbSEO?

10 Aug 2006, 04:01
How is vRewrite different than vbSEO?

It seems like vbSEO is more comprehensive, and yes it is a bit expensive. Are there any advantages of vRewrite over vbSEO or vice versa?

Brandon Sheley
10 Aug 2006, 04:35
there is no advantage of vbrewright over vbseo..
but tremendous advantages with vbseo over any other mod_rewrite for vBulletin

10 Aug 2006, 18:56

You might want to checkout our demo so that you can get a "bird's eye view" of what's inside vBSEO. ;)

11 Aug 2006, 22:57
For the most part, vRewrite is completely free, and the copyright can be removed. On the contray, vBSEO offers a few more features as well.

12 Aug 2006, 14:18
I just wonder what other features you need apart seo urls ;)

14 Aug 2006, 01:54
Theres a ton of features inside of vBseo

If you are simply looking for .html pages rather then .php?=5248 URLs then i'd simply go for vRewrite without a question.

If you are looking for more control and options, its vBSEO :yesway:

14 Aug 2006, 08:41
May I ask what control you need with friendly urls ?

14 Aug 2006, 09:16
May I ask what control you need with friendly urls ?
Do you want .html extension? .htm? .myextensionhere? no extension?

What about.. the ability to choose whether or not the forum name is included in the threads of that forum's URLs?

That's ALL URLs, threads, posts, attachments, avatars .. etc.

14 Aug 2006, 13:59
Seems he has a good enough idea. If the OP needs more information about vRewrite, he can start a new thread here. And if he needs more information about vBSEO, he can go to their forum and not here.