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12 Aug 2006, 09:46
I fix some errors that show on the attachment table a double border and not to forget the main cp panel. if you have rpg inferno install go can edit the class="tfoot" to class="bottom". That will take the double border line in the table where rpg is display, in the templates. I also made new buttoms that match the styles theme.

All right this is my first try at making styles so any feedback will be appreciated even if its bad.

this is a very light template with good pixel buttons. just to let you all know there are some templates of some hacks i had install to see how it look on my site. And until I delete those templates i will release another version

thanks guys enjoy. click install in you like it and use it.

demo link: Here (http://www.saintzero.com/forum/index.php?styleid=20)

12 Aug 2006, 16:05
first comment! this is a great style, although not suitable for my community. but good work!

14 Aug 2006, 05:34
well thanks too bad no one really has posted their thoughts.