View Full Version : Big Boards - How...?

Lena Starling
13 Aug 2006, 03:33
Without having a premium domain, how do "big boards" get so big? I'm sure it takes more than a few word of mouth forum advertisements.. I've tried, but I still can't figure out the answer to that question. How in the world do you get your site "out there" without paying a thousand dollars for it?

13 Aug 2006, 07:26
- A lot of good content
- Good on page SEO and SE marketing (doesn't have to cost mutch)
- A lot of your time and hard work

13 Aug 2006, 17:08
it takes time, it takes hard work, it takes advertising placed in the right places and yes it does take money, but not that much if you know how and where to spend it. its not going to happen overnight. it took a year and half before my forums really took off and got popular. just be patient and if you have unique, quality content, people will come eventually.