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18 Aug 2006, 00:02
I am having a problem with online.php when someone is viewing a non default vb page. When a user is viewing a page within vbGarage, the file name vbgarage appears on the top of the page, and also throws off some css codes in the body of the page (that doesn't appear on the ss.) When no one is viewing vbgarage, online.php appears fine.

I thought that maybe the problem was linked to users showing viewing an unknown location, so I used a file parse plugin I found at vbulletin.org. Notice on the screenshot that the guest is viewing "My test page" they are actually viewing vbgarage.

I am using vb 3.5.4 with an unaltered online.php and default whos online and whosonlinebit templates. Is there any other files or templates associated with online.php? Anyone know how I can fix this smal problem?

heres a screenshot:

heres my online.php
heres a account to view whos online
id: test
pass: test

18 Aug 2006, 00:08
Mine says unknown location

18 Aug 2006, 00:13
Yes mine used to say unknown location as well in the location table AND have vbgarage.php on the top of the page. I added vbgarage.php to be parsed on online.php and show as Viewing vBGarage, but that didn't fix the problem of vbgarage.php showing up on the top of the page.