View Full Version : Can vB Chat work for Guests/Unregistered users?

18 Aug 2006, 04:42
I make sure no groups are banned and that "guests" have authorization through the chat options, but whenever I try to go into the chat (as a guest), I get the following msg :

"Guests Are Unable To Use The vB Chat System"

Any way to fix this?

18 Aug 2006, 04:45
AdminCP>Usergroups>Usergroup Permissions.

18 Aug 2006, 05:44
There is no "Usergroup Permissions" option in the "Usergroups" section. There's "Usergroup Manager," "Forum Permissions."

I'm at a loss as to which options I would need to modify in order to accomplish this. Would it be possible to elaborate, please? Thank you for taking the time to reply. :)

My mistake. I just now figured out what you meant. You meant to say to play with the vB Chat's settings in the "Usergroup Permissions" section. Well, I actually did that prior to launching the plug-in, but still no go. I set all 3 options to "yes," but guests/unregistered users can't have access to the chatroom.

Any ideas?

ZeroX Prodigy
27 Aug 2006, 17:59
It's usergroup Manager, Choose the Guest Group, then edit the options near the bottom.